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Speaking engagements

BLOCKConscious Summit - Brisbane 2018

Friday-Sunday, August 10th-12th

George is featured Saturday the 11th, 1:30-2:30pm in the Lab Room

This 3 day immersion in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane will showcase some of Australia’s best projects & minds that will deepen your knowledge and proficiency in Cryptocurrency by listening to top-notch resource speakers who will navigate you into the basics and intricacies of this digital currency venture.


Let's Talk!
We Are Infinite Community Membership Webinar

I have wanted to do this type of membership webinar for a long time...and finally we did and it was better than I imagined!

With so many drama vortexes going on in the world, it was great to pause and reconnect with what feels natural and real in life so we can then responsibly reference the madness. 

I'll be announcing the next date for early September soon.  I have a variety of topics I'd like to explore ... and ... we'll even have time for some Q&A.

Not a member yet?  Join us! 
Saturday, TBA (Europe, UK, US) /
Sunday, TBA (Australia)


Transcending the God Matrix

Thursday-Sunday, September 20th-23rd
Byron Bay, Australia

TGM is for those of us who inherently know we are natural Creator Beings. We are done being pawns in another entity’s game. It is time for us to step up, reclaim and embody our Sovereign Infinite Beingness and forge a new path in this reality.


Stargate to the Cosmos

Thursday-Sunday, October 25th-28th
Alburquerque, USA

George will be presenting (3) 1.5hr sessions and participating in (3) panel discussions on experiencers and disclosure over the course of the weekend.  Have breakfast, lunch, or dinner with George at a meal with "the Stars"- click here for his complete schedule.

“Stargate to the Cosmos” is a grass-roots advocacy movement designed to end the truth embargo and the atrocities perpetrated against humanity by the power elite that withhold vital information necessary for humans to live blissful lives.  Everyone born has, as our birthright, as sovereign, sentient beings the basic right to live a peaceful, authentic life full of true happiness.


Cosmic Consciousness Conference

Saturday-Monday, January 12th-14th
Uluru, Australia

George will be presenting 4:15-5:15pm on Sunday the 13th. (please note conference organizers caution: *Speakers, topics and timetable details are subject to change without notice)

Imagine a time and a place where enlightenment, aceleration and ascension will be experienced in a divine connection with the tribes that exist throughout the multiverse.  Where international and local consciousness luminaries impart their expertise and knowledge.  This sacred place is where musicians, artists and soul travellers all gather as one. 


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