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This page is for those who have gone deeply into my work and may have had private sessions with me, are on the journey, and consider themselves dedicated to the path of seeking what is real in life.

This is for those who are awake and aware enough to recognise that there not only exists an Earthly Matrix, but also a Cosmic Matrix with a mastermind behind it.  And if recognised, then you know that the Natural Creator of this Universe and the God of religions are two distinctly different Beings.

Please note: Transcending the God Matrix is not a beginner’s level course. As an attendee, you must have read my book Our Universal Journey and be well-versed in my work as a minimum requirement. And, you must have a clear understanding that we live in a multi-dimensional Universe and that we are Infinite Beings beyond this Universal Creation.

You therefore inherently know you are a natural Creator Being, and are done being a pawn in another entity’s game.

It is time for us to step up, reclaim and embody our Sovereign Infinite Beingness so we may respectfully forge a new path in this reality.

Please consider participation carefully as I would love to see you there, and seek only for you to register if you genuinely want to commit to bringing your journey through this God Matrix to a respectful close.
No tyre kickers please! :)

This is a 6-week course comprised of five live weekly 4 hour sessions, including pre-recorded videos, plus a bonus week 6 debrief, Q&A and wrap-up!  This will be a very small group.  Places are limited so there is plenty of interaction.

Please consider this the same as if you were attending in person.  Reserve your time to be uninterrupted.  Each meeting is foundational for the next and are not recorded for later viewing.  It is essential to be present for weeks 1-5.  The sixth week is optional, but no one has wanted (or needed) to miss it.  A true commitment is required.

DATES are given in my date and time zone

  • Saturday 9, 16, 23 & 30 May, 6 & 13 June 2020

ALL TIMES are 6:00am Brisbane, Australia (AEST)

- click on this Time Zone Converter to see meeting times for you
If you are in EU / SA / UK-RI / Americas, this will = your afternoon/evening the day before.

Please review the COURSE CONTENT below.

I genuinely look forward to seeing you there.

With love and a passion for what is real




One week prior
to first Live session


The Challenge

The Big Picture

Live Week 1


What it means to be Sovereign and Infinite

Universal Lore Part 1


Closure Part 1

Live Week 2


Closure Part 2


Prelude to Transcending the Chakras

Universal Lore Part 2


Access following Session 2


Transcending the Chakras

Live Week 3

MODULE 5 - Continued

Transcending the
Serpent of the Gods


Access following Session 3


Prelude to Transcending
the God Matrix

Live Week 4


Transcending the God Matrix

New Beginnings


Access following Session 4


New Knowledge

Prelude to Transcending the Technical Intelligence God Matrix

Live Week 5

MODULE 8 Continued

Transcending the TI God


Access following Session 5


Inner Intelligence


Live Week 6

Bonus debrief & videos, Q&A and wrap-up including
Remebering the Future!


I'm Ready to Transcend the God Matrix!

$997AU Full Payment or 2 Payments of $498.50 AUD

Frequently Asked Questions

Time Zones!



We meet Saturday mornings in Australia, which is many hours ahead of Europe / UK-RI / SA / Americas where it is still Friday.

If there is a mid-week group, we meet Thursday mornings in Australia which is still Wednesday afternoon/evening for most everyone else.

We meet once a week.

Here is a TIME ZONE CONVERTER to see what day/time 6am Brisbane is for you.

Yes, and that's a good thing!  We've been isolated from one another for so long.  Please consider this seminar to be the same as if you were attending in person and injoy the time in community.

Set aside quiet, uninterrupted time to be fully present and gain all the benefits offered.

Each Live meeting is foundational for the next meeting, building blocks for the next, deeper level.

Yes, but not more than you are comfortable doing.

George has purposefully kept the groups small so there is plenty of time for Q&A and clarity along the way. 

No.  There will be hours of pre-recorded material to watch during the weeks between Live meetings.

The Live meetings are for review, deepening innerstanding, and Q&A before going through the Closures with each of the major systems of imposition.  These are necessarily live, just as if you were attending in person.

Again, Transcending the God Matrix is not a beginner’s level course.

As an attendee, you must have read Our Universal Journey and be well-versed in George's work as a minimum requirement.  And, you must have a clear understanding that we live in a multi-dimensional Universe and that we are Infinite Beings beyond this Universal Creation.

We highly encourage you to review the book, in print or audio, before your TGM commences.

Both are conducted as small groups so there is ample opportunity to deepen innerstanding of all concepts.

In person seminars are 4-5 day intensives where being together with like-minded and like-hearted others is an experience in itself.  Meeting George in person brings even more depth to the weekend.

Online groups have a slow and steady approach with more time to digest the material.  Not everyone has a chance to travel and online offers a bridge across time zones. 

Both are unique experiences and gathering with soul family provides a supportive environment for Transcending the God Matrix!


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