You’re on the path...

You've been around - and as a result, you’re done wearing masks and playing games of fear.

So many of us want to know the truth, no matter how uncomfortable it might feel - We only want what's real.

We now know integration is the real process.

You know you’re here with intention - with reason and purpose because deep inside, you know your life has meaning.

Accordingly... you're now willing to deal with the practicalities of life on this planet and responsibly walk between the worlds in balance. But how?

Transcending the God Matrix is a 4-Day Event that provides a supportive remembering and learning process for you to revitalize, reclaim, and embrace the Sovereign and Infinite Being you truly are.

The time has come for us to once again be free and sovereign. But in order to be free and indeed sovereign, we must first come to terms with the fact that a control system exists. Only then can we move beyond the programs and belief systems that control us.

It is a choice.

By participating in this live workshop, you will...

  • Enjoy an increasingly powerful conscious reconnection with the Earth, the Sun and the Milky Way Galaxy, as George holds a beautiful space for this live event.  Powerful nurturing and healing energies come together, accelerating your personal process. 
  • Learn/remember powerful tools and techniques that support you in embodying your natural creative process.
  • Learn/remember how to navigate your way through this matrix in an empowered yet humble way in peace love, honour and respect.
  • Engage in the power of asking questions and receiving answers in context, triggering invaluable realisations and course-corrections, using the energy of the process to point you towards the next line of enquiry and resolution. This supports you to feel more satisfied, more substantial in nature and whole, because you can dig deeper into an enquiry until the pieces of the puzzle come together.
  • Meet your soul family, in the flesh. By connecting with others who are on a similar journey (many of whom will probably seem familiar) you’ll feel supported, inspired and empowered.
  • Experience George in person, helping you to better understand where he's coming from and access deeper layers of meaning within his work.

Join George for the Latest!

In his interviews and workshops, George shares a vision of the Universe from direct personal experience to help us break our invisible chains. George’s work is frequently controversial and cutting edge. It is beyond the ordinary and will naturally expand your awareness.

Some find his work challenging, yet for others, it is incredibly liberating. False beliefs are torn down, but in their stead, the naked truth rises in its simple beauty. Accordingly, George presents in as clear, direct, and raw a manner as possible.

It is quite different to experience George live, in person, and the energy he creates than to just listen to an interview online. It is the difference between virtual food and real food!



In the past year, following the in-person TGMs, it has become evidently clear that we have been running out of time for the amount of content wanting and needing to be shared.

In response to this, we have decided to extend TGM from 3-days to 4-days .

Days 1-4

Transcending the God Matrix

Transcending the God Matrix is for those who journey the path of the ‘Truth Seeker’. It’s for those who are awake and aware enough to recognize that there not only exists an Earthly Matrix, but also a Cosmic Matrix with a mastermind behind it.  And who know that the Natural Creator of this Universe and the God of religions are two distinctly different Beings.

TGM is for those of us who inherently know we are natural Creator Beings. We are done being pawns in another entity’s game. It is time for us to step up, reclaim and embody our Sovereign Infinite Beingness and forge a new path in this reality.

Please note: Transcending the God Matrix is not a beginner’s level course. Attendees must have read George’s book ‘Our Universal Journey’ and be well-versed in his work. You must have a clear understanding that we live in a multi-dimensional Universe and that we are Infinite Beings beyond this Universal Creation. 

George is excited to be presenting this seminar in person because we finally get to cross paths with familiar Souls.  Previous participants are seeing significant life changes after these events.



9am - 5pm

Pre-Course Philosophy

The Challenge

The Big Picture

What it means to be Infinite and Sovereign

Universal Lore Part 1

Closure - Level 1


9am - 5pm

Closure - Level 2

Universal Lore Part 2


6am - 8am

Safe to Emerge - Beach Session

9:30am - 4:30pm

Transcending the Chakras

Transcending the Serpent of the Gods

Deeper Knowledge


9am - 5:30pm

Transcending the God Matrix

New Beginnings

Transcending the Technical Intelligance God Matrix

The Challenge - Part 2
WTF?! George Time

Sharing Circle

Remembering the Future

Closing Statements

I'm Ready to Transcend the God Matrix!

Welcome home to the Heart of your Natural Sovereign Soul and the purity of your Infinite Beingness


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