Closure Facilitator's Workshop



I feel humbled by the amazing feedback I've received after the first two Workshops.  It was so much more than I originally planned!  You don't have to want to use this process professionally to benefit. 
Being ready to accept full responsibility is key.


I've heard from those who are using Closure in their own work as therapists, crisis counselors, advisors, mentors, coaches, etc.  The stories include both personal and professional situations.  From personal relationships to selling homes, from working with archetypes to contracts and agreements of all kinds.  In some cases, even drug addictions.  I've also heard may warm and wonderful personal stories of toxic experiences coming to an end, of difficult relationships resolving, of frustrating blocks opening, among many.

To be clear, we are not breaking agreements or contracts.  We are honouring the process and all who have been involved.  In order for us to be truly free and sovereign beyond the game of the synthetic universe, both sides need to be released from co-created agreements and contracts.  We need to once again recognise and acknowledge the value, the worth and the meaningfulness of the agreement - its purpose, reason and original intention.


Closure is about agreements and contracts coming to an end with honour, acknowledgement, gratitude, love and respect. 


Closure is not a rigid system, rather a flexible system that has the capacity to work with the different needs of people and the varying circumstances that come with being human and beyond.  The natural by-product of Closure is the alchemical healing of wounds and distortions as we unfold and flow forward instead of staying stagnant with wounds that fester underneath layers of coping mechanisms and programs of spiritual bypass. 

It is immeasurably important for someone to implement and work through this process.

It is a life changing exercise.



This workshop is not for beginners.

  • As an attendee, you must have completed Transcending the God Matrix, either in person, online, or have worked with me directly. 
  • You must also have read my book Our Universal Journey and be well-versed in my work.
  • You will need to review the materials shared in TGM and be very familiar with Modules Two, Three & Five. 

For this workshop to be of value to you, you must have a clear innerstanding of what was shared in TGM, especially that we live in a multi-dimensional Universe and that we are Infinite Beings beyond this Universal Creation.  You therefore inherently know you are a natural Creator Being, and you are ready to step into supporting and facilitating others through this process.

It is time for us to reclaim and embody our Sovereign Infinite Beingness so we may respectfully forge a new path in this reality.

Please consider participation carefully as I would love to see you there, and seek only for you to register if you genuinely want to expand your use of Closure in your personal and professional life.
No tyre kickers please! :)



This is a two-day interactive workshop May 2nd & 3rd, 2020 at 9:00am (Australian Eastern Standard Time = AEST Brisbane).  This means May 1st & 2nd for Europe, SA, UK, and the Americas.  Please see full date/time details below along with a quick time converter to see what time this will be for you.

This Workshop is designed to deepen your knowledge of the Closure process to the degree of you becoming an intelligent and competent facilitator. 

I will be sharing new developments and processes to implement, practical exercises, plus Q&A!  This workshop will be held live, both in person and online (via Zoom).

I'm very excited to be sharing with you how I work with Closure as a facilitator, to deepen your own experience with this truly powerful life changing process.

I'm Ready to RAMP UP my Closures!

$597AU Full Payment or 2 Payments of $298.50 AUD

Frequently Asked Questions

Time Zones!



We will meet Saturday and Sunday in Australia, at 9:00 am AEST (Brisbane) which is many hours ahead of Europe / UK-RI / SA / Americas where it is still Friday or Saturday


Here is a TIME ZONE CONVERTER to see what day/time 9am Brisbane is for you.

Yes, and that's a good thing!  We've been isolated from one another for so long. 

If you are joining on-line please consider this seminar to be the same as if you were attending in person and enjoy the time in community.

Set aside quiet, uninterrupted time to be fully present and gain all the benefits offered.

Each Live meeting is foundational for the next meeting, building blocks for the next, deeper level.

Yes, but not more than you are comfortable doing.

George has purposefully kept the groups small so there is plenty of time for Q&A and clarity along the way. 

No. This is a face to face workshop, in person or via Zoom.

Again, Closure Facilitators is not a beginner’s level course.

As an attendee, you must have read Our Universal Journey and be well-versed in George's work and attended Transcending the God Matrix.  And, you must have a clear understanding that we live in a multi-dimensional Universe and that we are Infinite Beings beyond this Universal Creation.

We highly encourage you to review the content of TGM before attending.

With Closures, we work in the Quantum Field. There is no difference you will be in the Zoom room with in person participants. 


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