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We Are Infinite Community Membership Webinar

Even though travel interrupted our first of the month schedule recently, we've gained so much along the way. 

We've met more community members and growing together in even more amazing ways with the momentum building!  We are stronger as a community and I've seen many of you grow stronger individually. 

I see warmth building as we are recognizing and greeting each other and that makes my heart sing.  So many of us have felt alone for so long, finally we have a place and a space to connect.

2019 is coming to a close.  We began with attending to our personal ecosystems and clearing out the old.  Many have changed and improved their circumstances and are sharing their own wisdom.  While drama vortexes continue going on in the world and we ride our own waves, individually and as a creator group, we are emerging from our long sleep into more strongly and responsibly exercising our co-creativity.

It's great to pause and reconnect with those who feel natural and real in life so we can then responsibly reference the madness and center in the storm. 

Our December date is set.  Hope you can join us for our year ending webinar!

Topic - TBA

Q&A related to the topic of the day has been incredible!

Saturday, 14 December 2019  |  (Europe, SA, UK/RI, Americas)
Sunday, 15 December 2019  |  (Australia/NZ)

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6-Weekly meetings plus video content

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January 2020

tentative May 2020


In Person

What a wonderful time and group we had at the April 2019 TGM! 

2020 TGM Byron Bay region (Australia)
February 27th - March 1st



Irene Brown Presents

Sunday, November 24th, 2019
Sathya Sai School Hall
9 Nullum St. Murwillumbah (next to Knox Park)

George will be presenting his talk from 10am - 4:00pm

Cost:  special price of $69
old fashioned cash at the door welcomed
For bookings and more information, please email [email protected]


This topic is a big passion of mine!  And one I have been talking about for decades as being the biggest problem we face on our planet - “Mind Control”.

I'll be talking about the Extent, the Challenge we all face, and what we as Co-Creator Beings can do.

The intention of this Seminar is to bring front and centre the Sovereignty of our Conscious Awareness/Conscious Mind and the encroaching imposition of this technological age.

This is THE MOST CRITICAL ISSUE of our time!!!

We will also Explore the social and philosophical dynamics of the blatant corralling of our Human Consciousness into the Technological Singularity.

We will journey deep into some serious questions regarding our values, our relationship with technology, the issues of "Instant Gratification" and the "Scalpel Effect".

It’s going to be deep, fun, awareness expanding and empowering.

I am excited to share more with you and travel deeper into the inner workings of our reality... And I am humbled you are here.

The 5th Annual Architects of the New Paradigm Conference

Saturday-Sunday, March 21st-22nd
Seattle, WA

ANP theme this year:
Mind Gaming: Accessing Advanced States of Creativity and Innovation

George will be doing a presentation and a workshop plus joining in on panel discussions!


The Architects of the New Paradigm Conference Series (ANP) produces high-quality events bringing together some of today’s most accomplished visionaries to present a fresh approach to the world’s critical challenges. The annual events are designed to build upon each other, taking a blinders-off approach to identifying the root causes of the challenges, balanced with innovative and practical solutions. Presenters are chosen for both their expertise and presentation skills, and their significant contributions to advancing humanity’s evolution.

Human Origins Conference

Thursday-Sunday, April 2nd-5th
Alburquerque, NM

HOC 2020 has the philosophy that we must focus on the Lost Knowledge of where we come from before we can truly understand the Ancient Wisdom of where we are going on the path of our everyday lives.  Read more

George will be a featured speaker and panelist



BLOCKConscious Summit - Brisbane 2018

Friday-Sunday, August 10th-12th, 2018

George was featured Saturday the 11th, 1:30-2:30pm

TOPIC: Ecosystems & TI

Let's be clear on what we're really dealing with.

This 3 day immersion in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane showcased some of Australia’s best projects & minds.


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