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I'm George Kavassilas.  I'm so excited to share my new website with you - an online community for people who are interested in my work.  Over the next few months, I'll offer online courses based on the major tools and techniques I teach through my live events.  I want to share the knowledge, experiences and wisdom I've accumulated with people around the world.  Please explore what's currently available and stay tuned for more!  And if you're interested in reading my book or private mentoring sessions, you can still get those from my personal website: iaminfinite.love

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Featuring WTF George?! - video Q&A where you get answers to your questions about what's going on in the universe. Fresh content every month, plus a whole lot of goodies from the archives.

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Seminar Presentation

A complete summary of the ‘big picture’ of life, the universe and our infinite nature via 6+ hours of video content providing insight into the God Matrix, our relationship with Mother Earth and more.

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Cosmic Matrix Revealed

Take back ownership and command of your life by knowing the truth of who you are and how our universe works. This experiential account of Universal knowledge and wisdom takes you beyond all dogmas and doctrine. George speaks from his personal experience of other dimensions and realities in 6+ hours of video recorded at a live seminar in 2015.


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