A community for sovereign infinite beings, hosted by George Kavassilas. Get real answers to your questions about how to navigate the matrix and the transformation of Mother Earth and Humanity. Because you don't have to walk through this reality alone any more...

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My name is  George Kavassilas.  I'm so excited to share my website with you - an online community for people who are interested in my work and deeply exploring what is real in life.

Our wonderful community is growing and expanding, and so am I!  I'll be offering online courses based on the major tools and techniques I teach through my live events.  I want to share the knowledge, experiences and wisdom I've accumulated with people around the world.  Stay tuned for more! 

Please have fun exploring what's currently available.  If you're interested in reading my book, you can find it in Great Stuff, our new store, and consider membership to gain access to even more great features, and Events will tell you where you can find me next!

Empire of the Ants

A video presentation over 7.5 hours, taking a deep journey into the hidden forces behind the Malevolent New World Order Imposition we are currently experiencing through a specific design of technology.

A word of caution: This presentation is not for the faint of heart, and when the realisation occurs after seeing the evidence that is hidden in plain sight all around us, a personal shift in cognitive awareness and expansion is imminent.


Navigating the Crown Virus - Seminar Series

Recorded 21st March 2020.  7+ hours of video Includes:

Tools and techniques to better help you navigate through these current challenging times.

This video explains the big picture and the larger ecosystem behind this apparent viral pandemic and pan-hysteria. 

Deeper exploration into the next stage in the "Orwellian Unfoldment" as Layer One is being dismantled by Layers Two and Three! These layers are in reference to my table of statements titled; 'The Three Layers of Imposition Upon Humanity'.


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Membership Community

Featuring WTF George?! - video Q&A where you get answers to your questions about what's going on in the universe. Fresh content every month, plus a whole lot of goodies from the archives.

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Seminar Presentation

A complete summary of the ‘big picture’ of life, the universe and our infinite nature via 6+ hours of video content providing insight into the God Matrix, our relationship with Mother Earth and more.

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the God Matrix

TGM is for those of us who inherently know we are natural Creator Beings. We are done being pawns in another entity’s game. It is time for us to step up, reclaim and embody our Sovereign Infinite Beingness and forge a new path in this reality.

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eBook & Audio

Delving deep into the three main expressions of control systems imposing themselves upon us and our earth...and how they entered the building blocks of our existence. 
George expands on the 6-part newsletter released over the first half of 2018, pulling it all together in one cohesive whole.  Bonus audio not only goes where you go, but takes you along for the ride.

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Cosmic Matrix Revealed

Take back ownership and command of your life by knowing the truth of who you are and how our universe works. This experiential account of Universal knowledge and wisdom takes you beyond all dogmas and doctrine. George speaks from his personal experience of other dimensions and realities in 6+ hours of video recorded at a live seminar in 2015.


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